What are the benefits of swimming

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Swimming is not for the faint of the heart, but it’s not undoable as well. Of course, since it involves treading a different medium, water, there can be qualms about going for it.

Moreover, swimming uses a lot of physics, which definitely is not everyone’s cup of tea. Then, there is also the power of mind involved in the process; swimming has a lot to do with your brain, and thus, can be tricky to handle.

 Yet, people who swim, love it. It is also often recommended by the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Islamabad for patients with joint issues or mobility problems otherwise.

 So, should you be considering swimming then? Here are some benefits of swimming that can help you make this decision!

Benefits of swimming

During swimming, your body needs to be straight, and there has to be a good stretch at all times. It then helps in making your body more flexible and agile as well.

Good for the heart and lungs

Swimming is excellent for helping your hearts and lungs become stronger. It also helps in preventing the ailments related to heart, like hypertension. Furthermore, the improvement in the health of the lungs and heart also then translates to improved longevity as well.

Open to wide range of people

Even though you might be afraid of water, however, overall, swimming is more people-friendly than other forms of exercises. It can be more easily done by people who are differently abled. Also, those with musculoskeletal issues like osteochondritis dissecans are also able to do this exercise. Many other forms of cardio are not an option for everyone.


Having a good posture is vital during swimming, which also then translates into a good posture otherwise as well. It involves keeping the spine aligned, the belly pushed in, hips properly placed, and so, once you are used to consciously working on a proper posture, it has overall beneficial impact on your wellbeing.

Stress management

Being in the water can be a very relaxing experience. Since it is soothing, it then helps in managing your stress levels better as well.  Moreover, exercise in general has a positive impact on your stress levels.


Having a good sleep is vital for your health, in the short and the long term. Having adequate and quality shuteye is important for your mood, mental and physical health.

Lack of sufficient sleep can cause chronic issues like heart disease, obesity and even depression. Swimming, on the other hand, can help you improve your sleep.

Weight loss

It may not look like it, but swimming requires a lot of energy. It is a full body workout, and thus, helps in working out the muscles of the entire body.

Since your body needs power to perform this exercise, many calories are burnt in the process. Depending on the type of stroke you are doing, you are bound to run out of the breath, but not ostensibly so, which is the case with many high intensity workouts.

Despite not feeling as if your lungs are on fire, as is the case with high intensity workouts like HIIT or running, swimming helps in burning a lot of calories; running laps for around an hour, at moderate pace, can help in burning around 400 calories. Of course, the exact figure can vary from person to person, however, on the overall, this figure is rather impressive!

Easier on the bones

We all need to exercise to make our bone and muscles stronger. However, it can be harder for those suffering from problems like arthritis or osteoporosis to exercise.

However, to improve the symptoms of their condition, exercise can be helpful. Since swimming is easier on the joints, therefore, it presents as a better option. Of course, you should consult your Orthopedic doctor in Rawalpindi before taking up any form of exercise.