5 Things to Do Before You Get Married

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When you are young and looking to get married to your spouse, your head is filled with a lot of things including dress, wedding theme, cake, flowers, engagement ring, and decor to mention a few. You imagine having your loved ones around and you want to be creative with invitation cards. But you tend to overlook small rituals and responsibilities that are also necessary to be fulfilled before getting married.

When the time comes all you want is everything to be normal and perfect from walking down the aisle to all legal concerns. You might be wondering what those legal concerns are, then you are wondering about the right thing. For your knowledge, we have mentioned a few of them here in this guide. Take a look.

1. Marriage License

You need to get a marriage license for the state to recognize your marriage. There are different criteria which may vary from state to state. These steps and criteria must be fulfilled to be eligible for the marriage license application. Let’s say, some states might require both partners to be 18 or above but some might give leverage and allow the marriage at 16 but with parents’ consent.

Similarly, in Los Angeles, you need to fulfill the state criteria to become eligible for a marriage license. However, a marriage license los angeles can help you through the journey. Moreover, in some states the process is not too lengthy and you might get the license in a few days while in others it may be a lengthy process.

2. Decide About the Last Name

The decision to change your last name is a significant one. So this decision must be made between partners before getting married. However, it is not a legal requirement to change your name after marriage in every state but in some states, it might be a rule. However, if the wife wishes to change the last name to her husband’s name then the marriage certificate is required to update the agency or organization about the anime change.

Therefore, before buying a ring for the engagement it might be a wise decision to discuss whether any party has any issue with the name. Once it is decided without any issue then buy your ring at engagement rings omaha, ne. Moreover, if you wish to change your anime to some other name then you need to get the court’s approval on it.

3.  A Prenuptial Agreement

It might seem romantic to many but prenuptial agreement is the wise option and assists in avoiding a lot of expensive litigations. Unfortunately, when the couple reaches a divorce point in the future which is never wished upon they already decide on a prenuptial agreement in such circumstances to help protect each other’s assets and property. With this agreement, you can also decide about the custody of your children in case of separation. A family law attorney near you can help you in achieving the right agreement without hurting each other’s interest.